Terms and Conditions

  • Auction Participation Terms. These terms are applicable to all entries, sales and purchases of Lots via our Website. They apply to all users and deal with matters such as user responsibilities, the format of sales and our terms of website use.
  • Buyer’s Contract for Sale with Auction4Cars. This contract will apply where a vehicle is sold to a Buyer via the Website, and Auction4Cars sells the vehicle on its own behalf.
  • Buyer’s Fees. This page sets out the fees payable to Auction4Cars in relation to any Lot sold (in addition to any purchase price).
  • Privacy terms. Auction4Cars is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using our services and committed to safeguarding your information. Whenever such information is provided, we are obliged to use the data in line with all data protection laws including the Data Protection Act 1998.